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    Give your little one an enjoyable and safe playtime experience with Hammacher Schlemmer’s range of toddler, infant, and baby toys. Our toys for 2-3 year olds and babies include stuffed animals, playhouses, toy sets, and books.

    Let your child explore toddler sports toys like ‘The Tractor Lover's Engine Repair Set,‘ The Motorized Dirt Digger, ‘The Car Lover's Engine Repair Set,‘ and The Wheel Lit John Deere Monster Tractor.

    Support motor function and creative development with The World's Largest Toe Tap Piano. Explore our infant ride-on toy range from trucks and motorcycles to trains like The Ride On BMW Police Motorcycle.

    Find animated stuffed animals like ‘The Personalized Singing Peek-A-Boo Pachyderm,‘ ‘The Singing Peek-A-Boo Pachyderm‘ and ‘The Nursery Rhyme Reciting Lamb‘ or shop blankets, play pens, train sets, and more from our baby and toddler toy collection.

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